The major space in the Portland Open Space Sequence, the Ira Keller Fountain, opened on June 23, 1970. “Halprin knew how to engage the public, and his flexible, bottom-up approach often enabled him to get projects built,” said Laurie Olin, landscape architect.  Photo 2 of 8 in 8 Great Examples of Outdoor Design
The Sonoma County home of Lars Richardson and Laila Carlsen is the result of a long-running collaboration with architect Casper Mork-Ulnes. A 713-square-foot indoor-outdoor Shotcrete dining pavilion dubbed the Amoeba provides a loose counterpoint to the more rigid barn structure behind it.  Photo 4 of 8 in 8 Great Examples of Outdoor Design
Lyle Bradley spent years of weekends and evenings resurrecting an East Boston structure using his carpentry skills, repurposed materials, and clever space-saving interventions. The revitalized 800-square-foot residence joins a rejuvenated backyard, where Bradley’s wife, Kara Lashley, and their daughter, Lily, pose next to Bradley’s new freestanding workshop.  Photo 3 of 8 in 8 Great Examples of Outdoor Design from Run-Down Row House in Boston Becomes a Quiet Urban Escape with Two Green Roofs
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