26 Elevated Holiday Gifts for the Dedicated Eames Fan
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26 Elevated Holiday Gifts for the Dedicated Eames Fan

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By Samantha Daly
Charles and Ray Eames joyfully fused work and life, and the couple’s unbridled creativity is apparent in their stylish, functional, and lasting designs.

Bring the influential duo into your home through accessories, books, wall decor, and more.

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Essential Eames: Words & Pictures
Pairing words of design wisdom with classic works, Essential Eames encapsulates the duo's achievements. Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential designers of the 20th century.
ACME Studio Eames Chairs Business Card Case
Done with a mirror-shine chrome finish, this sleek business card case gets a style boost with an image of Charles and Ray Eames's iconic chairs.
YIELD Eames Incense Sticks
Hand-rolled incense sticks from Yield Design. Fresh, timeless scent with notes of eucalyptus, rosemary and birch. Fifteen sticks per package. 45 minute to 1 hour burn time. Photo Courtesy of Need Supply Co....
USPS Charles and Ray Eames Collectible Sheet of 42 Cent Stamps
On June 17, 2008, in Santa Monica, California, the Postal Service issued a pane of 42-cent stamps honoring Charles and Ray Eames in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) commemorative sheet of sixteen.
Vitra Eames Mobile, Model A
The Eames Plywood Mobile models by Vitra are replicas of the original mobiles, designed in 1941 by Charles & Ray Eames.
ACME Studio House Bird Pin
A butterfly-backed cloisonné pin takes its inspiration from the iconic bird sculpture of Charles and Ray Eames.
J. Hannah Eames Nail Polish
Midcentury detail. Earthy chartreuse. The pleasingly unexpected. A line of carefully-edited, high quality polishes for the color-resistant.
Vitra Elephant Mouse Pad
The charming mouse pad by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, who drew her inspiration from the Eames Elephant, owes its pleasant tactile qualities to the fact that it is fabricated from two layers of premium sofa leather.
Vitra Eames Wool Blanket
Made in Germany. Stay warm this winter with the Eames Wool Blanket from Vitra. The iconic dot pattern was designed by Ray Eames in the 1947 for the New York MOMA, truly making it a piece of functional modern art.
The creative duo Charles Eames (1907–1978) and Ray Kaiser Eames (1912–1988) transformed the visual character of America.
Pioneers of the 1950s and of the optimistic American way of life, Charles and Ray Eames created the greatest modern furniture "classics" between 1941 and 1978. They designed more than 20 chair models, mostly unique pieces, and developed know-how in the art of sitting.
ACME Studio Eames Dots Roller Ball Pen
The Acme fountain pen nibs use German manufactured reservoirs and components, with medium nibs made of gilt steel with an iridium writing point. All Acme writing Tools come with a small bio card attached to the pen, providing biographical information about each pen's designer.
Eames Rocking Chair NaxArt Art Print
A collection of the timeless design icons. Eames chairs, classic camera, VW Bus, music instruments and many others Please visit us www.naxatrt.com to see our large selection of art, design and photography.
Vitra Eames Small Elephant
The Vitra Eames Elephant Small is a scaled down version of the iconic plywood version created in 1945. This petite variety is made of robust plastic and has an almost origami-like form.
The World of Charles and Ray Eames
This is the first comprehensive book on the Eames' legacy in over a decade, revealing the rich totality of the their work in all media.
Vitra Eames Quote Poster - Pleasure
Vitra’s Eames Quotes posters decorate the wall with Ray and Charles Eames’ thoughts about design and art, complemented with beautiful, design-themed photographs. The quotes of the legendary designer couple have been selected from the Essential Eames book.
Vitra Miniatures Collection: Eames LCM Chair
Each handmade Vitra miniature is a classic in the history of furniture design reduced in size at a scale of 1:6. True to the original pieces in structure and materials, the miniatures are precision-crafted, making them a thoughtful gift for a furniture lover or design professional.
Vitra Eames Radio
Iconic table radio from Vitra. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1946. Signature bent-walnut housing with curved edges. Modern face with dot-grid speaker, round buttons and digital display. USB, AUX IN and headphone ports at back.
Vitra Eames House Bird
The Eames House Bird rose to stardom in the 1950s when Charles and Ray Eames pulled it from their own living room and positioned it with a group of Eames® DKR chairs for a poster.
Baby's First Eames: From Art Deco to Zaha Hadid
Baby’s First Eames by Julie Merberg is a one-of-a-kind board book that takes babies (ages 0–3) on a charming alphabetical tour through the world of modern architecture and design.
ACME Studio Dots Pin
A butterfly-backed brass pin takes its inspiration from the iconic 'Dots' designs of Charles and Ray Eames.
Vitra Eames Quote Poster - Architecture
Vitra’s Eames Quotes posters decorate the wall with Ray and Charles Eames’ thoughts about design and art, complemented with beautiful, design-themed photographs. The quotes of the legendary designer couple have been selected from the Essential Eames book.
Eames Hang-It-All
Charles and Ray Eames brought a sense of play to all their work, including the Hang-It-All. It took the everyday coat rack to a new place that was inventive and fun. More than just a conversation piece, the Hang-It-All holds anything that slips over its 14 hooks.
Yellow Eames Rocker by Laura Browning Print
"Yellow Eames Rocker was inspired by the iconic chair designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1948," says the artist. "Growing up in California, I have long been inspired by the nostalgic idea of the classic California dream from the mid-20th century.
Eames Powers of Ten Flipbook
An adaptation of the Charles and Ray Eames classic 1968 documentary by the same name, Powers of Ten: A Flipbook, is an ocular journey dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero.
Vitra Miniature Eames DKR Wire Chair
This is a miniature 1:6 scale model of the original furniture design. Design by Charles and Ray Eames, 1951. By Vitra.  Vitra, a Swiss company, has been creating furniture and accessories for offices, homes and public spaces for eighty years.

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