Exterior, Cabin Building Type, Wood Siding Material, and Flat RoofLine In a remote second-growth forest in Sullivan County, New York, is an off-the-grid tree house that was constructed with the help of the trees around it.  
 Sited on a steep, sloping hill surrounded by trees, the 360-square-foot project was designed to accommodate a limited $20,000 construction budget—and to be approachable enough that amateur weekend builders could construct it.  
Architects Mike Jacobs, Biayna Bogosian, Forrest Jessee, Leopold Lambert, and Luis Gutierrez of award-winning New York practice Jacobschang Architecture designed a tree house structure that overcame the challenge of the site's steep topography.  Photo 8 of 11 in Dwell’s Top 10 Cabins of 2017 from A Dramatic Tree House by Budget-Conscious DIY Builders