Dwell's Sweetest Contest Ever

Dwell's Sweetest Contest Ever

By Sarah Rich
Hey Dwell readers: Remember Coolhaus? They're the new architect-owned ice cream truck that's been driving around LA from sweet tooth to sweet tooth delivering ice cream sandwiches named after modern architects and architecture. They offer flavors like Frank Behry, Mies Vanilla Rohe, Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger, and most recently Neutrapolitan. Today we're launching a contest to ask you, pun-savvy designophiles, to invent Coolhaus's next ice cream sandwich flavor!

The Rules:

1. Your submission must include both the name of the sandwich and the type of cookie and ice cream it describes.

2. The name must reference modern architects and designers or their work.

Contest ends on June 19! 

A Little Help:

To give you a head start, the Dwell team began batting a few ideas around and before long a flurry of puns had swept through our office. (If only coming up with magazine headlines were so easy!) Here's a sampling of our least—and most—cringe-inducing ideas:

  • Caramel Rashid | Pink animal cookies with caramel ice cream (Jordan)
  • Walter Grapeious | Walnut cookies with grape sorbet (Justin)
  • Cherry Bertoia | Cherry ice cream between two waffles (Miyoko)
  • Shigeru Banana | Banana ice cream between sugar cookies with sprinkles (Tiffany)
  • And in honor of our Dwell on Design 09 keynote speaker: Daniel Pinkberry (Aaron)

Coolhaus owners Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, along with editors from Dwell, will select one winner from the pool of submissions. The winner will be announced on Friday night, June 26, at the Dwell on Design opening reception.

The Prize:

Coolhaus will produce the winning flavor! The newest sandwich will debut on Saturday, June 27, at Dwell's Dinner and a Movie event at the Geffen Contemporary Museum in LA.

Your turn!:

Submit your ideas to coolhauscontest@dwell.com. Feel free to submit more than one. Please use the subject line Coolhaus Contest and be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number. We'll announce the winner on Dwell.com for those of you who can't make it to Dwell on Design. But if you're in LA, please join us! 


And to get your wheels spinning, check out this video of a Coolhaus encounter as the ladies serve Honeyhock Ice Cream at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hollyhock House in LA!


Gelatobaby meets Coolhaus from Alissa Walker on Vimeo.


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