Dwell Tests: Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot, Dagoba Hot Chocolate

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By Jordan Kushins
Coffee gets its percolator and tea has its kettle, but hot chocolate is most often relegated to a mug in the microwave. Why is this warm bev missing out on a maker all its own? Bialetti’s Hot Chocolate Pot aims to give cocoa the preparation it deserves, and we put it to the test in Dwell’s kitchen, using Dagoba organic Authentic and Xocolatl Hot Chocolates.
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Dwell Tests: Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot, Dagoba Hot Chocolate - Photo 1 of 2 -
Dwell Tests: Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot, Dagoba Hot Chocolate - Photo 2 of 2 -

Dagoba Hot Chocolate maker

Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot

The Process:

Assembly of the Pot was relatively straightforward, and once the pieces were put together, it was plain simple for the basic brew: just pour in the milk, spoon in the chocolate powder, and turn the timer dial. Eight minutes later, voila! Frothing, however? Not so easy. The additional piece needed didn’t seem to fit, and once we got it whirring it didn’t make much foam.

The Yay:

There’s a certain amount of pure joy inherent in a gadget whose sole purpose is making hot cocoa. Superfluous? Perhaps. Cocoa can, of course, be made from the tools you already have in your kitchen. But I’ll be darned if it wasn’t a good time, and the finished product was genuinely delicious. Add some whipped cream and mini marshmallows to the top, and you’re set for a cozy afternoon.

The Nay:

All attempts to froth our concoctions failed; Nobody in the office could get that feature working, which was a shame. One batch of cocoa didn’t mix completely, but that was due to my overzealous use of mix and too much milk, so keeping an eye on measurements is key. There were some definite drips during the pour from pot to glass, and the top of the pitcher is difficult to maneuver with one hand.

The Verdict:

In spite of Bialetti’s shortcomings, it’s fun to make an event out of making hot chocolate. If you, your family, or friends have a serious sweet tooth and a countertop that can handle a few spills, the Chocolate Pot is a nice winter treat.

Dagoba Hot Chocolate

The Yay:

The Dwell team voted overwhelmingly for the Authentic Hot Chocolate, which was rich and creamy without being too sugary. Top marks, a great choice for a choco connoisseur.

The Nay:

The Xocatil is very spicy, with a definite bite that proved too much for our delicately taste-budded team.

The Verdict:

Dagoba’s socially responsible organic chocolates are a nice step up from the Nestle Qwik of my youth.