Dwell Made Presents: DIY Stone Fire Pit

Dwell Made Presents: DIY Stone Fire Pit

By Ben Uyeda
Watch our video and follow this step-by-step guide to build your own bluestone fire pit.

In this episode of Dwell Made, Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern makes a fire pit out of two-inch-thick slabs of bluestone. These slabs of stone, purchased from a local stone yard, are used for exterior stairs and landscaping. Different regions of the country have different types of stone available, but this design concept could work with any type of stone that is not prone to cracking when exposed to heat.

I got slabs of bluestone that were 1' x 4' and two inches thick. I used a Sharpie to mark lines at 30-degree angles. I was able to get two pieces for the fire pit out of each slab.

Step 2: Install a Diamond Blade 

I put a 7" diamond blade on my circular saw and set the depth so that it would go all the way through the stone.

Step 3: Cut the Stone 

I used my circular saw to follow along the Sharpie lines and cut the stone. This process makes a lot of dust and noise, so I wore a dust mask and ear protection.

Step 4: Mark the Other Slabs

I used the first piece I cut to mark the other slabs and then cut them.

Step 5: Grind Down the Edges

I used a masonry grinding wheel on my angle grinder to round over the cut edges on the pieces of stone.

Step 6: Place the Stone 

I spread out a few bags of Quikrete all-purpose gravel and then placed the stones in a hexagonal design. 

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