Doek Canvas Sneakers:
Kiln-fired and Oxen-strong

Doek Canvas Sneakers: Kiln-fired and Oxen-strong

By Ace Hotel
On the southern island of Kurume, a select group of Japanese artisan shoemakers — part alchemists, part craftspeople — spend their days beneath antique looms and amidst huge vats of bubbling rubber, forging kiln-fired canvas sneakers borne from ancient processes.

In a 142-year-old footwear factory in Kurume, on the southern island of Japan, Doek makes sneakers using ancient techniques and nearly alchemical processes. Their dedication to careful craft and locally-sourced materials has made their footwear a timeless product, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, technique and artistry. 

Using an antique loom, Doek's sneakers are made almost entirely by hand, utilizing a weaving technique native to Kurume that allows for a tight and highly resistant fabric. 

Similar to the firing process of ceramic pottery, each Doek shoe is fused together through a process of vulcanization. The sneakers are loaded into large kilns are and baked at high temperatures, melding sole and body together in the process and resulting in a durable product that's resistant to wear. An inset cork lining wicks moisture away and slowly adapts to the foot; softly grounding the wearer no matter the terrain. 

Doek believes in the "Goodness of Making," embracing the interconnected beauty of material, technique and time throughout every layer of production. 

The Ace x Doek unisex canvas oxford brings the practice of traditional craftsmanship to an everyday wearable. 

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