DIY Wooden Projects
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DIY Wooden Projects

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By Simon
Nowadays DIY is one of the best ways to get what you want, recycle old pieces of furniture and make your home look spectacular. Far from nailing a couple of pieces of wood together and claiming it is a spice rack; these days people are going above and beyond to create some amazing wooden projects perfect for their home.

What Will You Need?

The easiest material to use is wood. This is because it can be easily cut into smaller pieces, nailed together and painted in a variety of colours.To get started you can use old furniture, pieces of wood from the garden, old lamp shades and basically anything you can get your hands on. Make sure you also have protective gear such as gloves or goggles if you are doing any of the hard work. Also, please make sure you don’t try your hand at some DIY projects on top of your fantastic new kitchen worktop! It might not go down well.

Moving On To Harder DIY Projects

Once you have mastered the spice racks, you have conquered the shelves made from recycled plant pots and you are ready for something a little more challenging, you might consider purchasing a veneer press.

Veneer Presses

What is a veneer press you might ask? Does it press my shirts? Does it print newspapers? Not quite. Veneer presses simply presses a layer of hardwood with a cheaper surface and bonds it or glues it together with an adhesive product. These presses are perfect if you are attempting to make things such as wooden chairs, wooden benches or tables.They may sound like something from a horror film and you will need to wear safety equipment when you use it. However, it can provide you with a great range of products and a way to turn your old recycled furniture into something amazing. And if it is used properly you might not lose any of your limbs.

DIY Inspiring Examples

Here are a selection of pieces to get you inspired, give you some ideas of what you can achieve and see what other people have done once they became inspired to DIY!

1. Wooden Vespa

This amazing Classic Vespa created by a Portuguese craftsman, Carlos Alberto is elegant, stylish and is made head to toe from wood (well, except the engine of course). This might take a bit of work but the finished effect is fantastic! Fancy driving to work on one of these every day?

2. Laptop Case

For something simple, sophisticated and practical, Rainer Spehl designed this laptop case to go with you wherever you need your laptop. Made from veneered pressed wood, the case can be recreated easily and made from a variety of different woods.

3. Ping Pong Table

This piece was actually created by student Greg Moore. He said that he wanted to take the idea of the common sports table and then create a functional yet eye-catching piece. His only regret was making the ball out of wood as well, apparently there wasn’t much bounce and the game didn’t last very long. All in all, a glamorous table, an amazing piece of wood work and time to buy a new ping pong ball.

4. Runny Table

This might be quite difficult to look at after a while because your mind starts to play tricks on you. But this amazing piece created by Adam Kessler and inspired by his favourite artist Slavador Dali. He used only wood and glue to construct the table which means any one can have a go at creating it, with a little hard work maybe.Now you are hopefully feeling inspired, you are ready to try your hand at some DIY and are off to purchase your veneer press, just remember that if at first you don’t succeed, DIY and DIY again!

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