Communist Party Headquarters

Paris, France (1972)

Built during Niemeyer’s exile from Brazil for no charge—that’s a committed member of the Party, for you—this standout structure in a Paris filled with stylish grandeur makes powerful statements with modest touches, such as the wavy glass facade, domed cupola and textured concrete walls. Photo by Lauren Manning.  Photo 8 of 10 in Design Icon: Oscar Niemeyer
Niemeyer Center

Aviles, Spain (2011)

Made after the legendary architect hit the century mark, the Niemeyer center exhibits more playfulness than projects made by designers half his age. Subtle, bold flashes of color, and contrasting shapes create a cultural playground and gathering space. Photo by Eduardo Photos.  Photo 10 of 10 in Design Icon: Oscar Niemeyer
Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1983)

Talk about a project that could truly be called the soul of a country—this massive structure in Rio hosts the annual parade during Carnival and can hold 70,000 revelers. It includes the aptly titled Apotheosis Square, where bleachers are spaced out to create an open space for performances. Photo by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo.  Photo 9 of 10 in Design Icon: Oscar Niemeyer
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