Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion

Sao Paulo, Brazil (1957)

Named after an Italian-Brazilian industrialist, this series of gently curving walkways serves as the site of an art biennial, the first ever in the southern hemisphere.  Photo 3 of 10 in Design Icon: Oscar Niemeyer
Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1996)

“A flower that rises from the rock” is how Niemeyer described this organic, saucer-like structure, a home for art and design that boasts beautiful views of Guanabara Bay. An inviting red walkway snakes up towards the entrance towards the main cupola. Photo by Rosa Menkman.  Photo 5 of 10 in Design Icon: Oscar Niemeyer
Cathedral of Brasilia

Brasilia, Brazil (1970)

The tent-like shape of this striking cathedral is formed by 16 curved pillars, jutting towards the sky like the fingers of a hand in prayer. Sunlight enters the roof through a wavy mosaic of blue, white and brown tiles. Photo by Edward Stojakovic.  Photo 4 of 10 in Design Icon: Oscar Niemeyer
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