Delight Me, Then Get Out of My Way

Delight Me, Then Get Out of My Way

By Stephen Blake
It's not just a redesign, with the new Dwell we've moved away from a print companion blog to create a platform for our community to engage with Dwell content and each other, to allow people to get inspired, share stories, and connect.

"I love Dwell." "What is Dwell?"  People either love Dwell or have never heard of it. Which is pretty damn amazing. 100% satisfaction, by my math.  That's what good design gives you. 

The Dwell brand is known for great design, discovering it, discussing it, and presenting it authentically and beautifully through multiple channels, such as events, home tours, and of course, Dwell magazine.

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects... the quality of the connections is the key" 

- Charles Eames

When we embarked on designing a new digital platform for Dwell we wanted it to be both provocative and approachable. We wanted to delight our audience, engage them, empower them, then get out of their way and let them discover, discuss, and create something new of their own, together.

It's a combination of the Robert Browning phrase "Less is more" (adopted by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe), and "Don't Make Me Think", the title of Steven Krug's excellent book on user interface principles.  I call it Delight & Disappear. Ok, I just made that up, designers do that sort of thing, but the point is our intent is to be both the elegant gallery experience and provide effortless function. A Beautiful Utility.

So, as we move though the beta period, we will be adding a few more features to enhance the utility and function, we'll be polishing up the interface and user experience to infuse the delight, and we'll be figuring out how to better get out of your way. We hope you like what you see.

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