DC Deli Office Renovation

Though Mazza and Patten worked hard to get the deli downstairs and their apartments upstairs into working order, the office, which no one by the pair really see, was a lower priority. But as we can see, they've finished it up in the same exposed brick and raw shipping pallet aesthetic as the deli.

I remember visiting the office in March and thinking that the best detail was an old, mid-century light fixture. Neither knew who designed it, and claimed that it had been there when they bought the building from the bank. They liked the fixture but knew that the room had to change. "Don't worry," Mazza assured me, "we saved the old school light fixture."

He also had this exciting piece of news: "We just opened up our second location." Considering I stil dream of that chicken parm sandwich, residents of the District are well advised to head to the new shop at 485 K St. NW. To get a look at that, check out this story from the Washington City Paper.

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