New York City-based interior designer Dani Arps understands what makes entrepreneurs tick.
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Dani specializes in designing spaces for startups, and has worked with Taykey, Kitchensurfing, General Assembly DC, Contently and Codeacademy, among others. 

 She’s also been featured by Business Insider, Refinery29 and Essence.com. 

Why does Dani, who describes herself as having a "uniquely eclectic, yet slightly industrial take on design" enjoy working within the creative, startup world?

 In short, it keeps her on her toes. 

 "They’re always wanting things that are fresh and new and fun," Dani told Industry West. 

 When asked how the creative process comes together for a new space, Dani points out that she doesn’t push her vision on a client, but rather collaborates on a shared goal to create the perfect space. 
 "We have a brainstorming session," she said. "I have an aesthetic I like to use. But they have items they like and think are interesting, and we we come together to create a concept for the overall space and integrate their brand as well."

 Often that concept could include a host of unique colors, and that’s where Industry West comes in. 

 When Dani first came across Industry West’s products she was looking for the perfect dining chair for her own apartment. What she realized was "this is amazing! All of these chairs are so cool. They’re original design inspired by the classics." 

 Realizing that Industry West provides quality product at a reasonable price, she started to integrate some pieces into her projects, which gets us back to all of the colors Industry West offers.

 "The pieces come in these really great colors, and I like to integrate the brand colors in a way that’s not so obvious," she said. 

"For example so many of the chairs and stools come in red, blue and yellow, which is a perfect way to bring in that brand without making it cheesy."

But all the colors in the world don’t make a difference, acknowledges Dani, if the furniture isn’t comfortable and well made, all while looking cool."Simply put, they’re cool looking chairs," says Dani.  



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