Curro Claret’s T300 Piece

Curro Claret’s T300 Piece

Barcelona-based designer Curro Claret made the Piece, an innovative metal bracket that can transform found materials into furniture, available for sale for the first time at Salone del Mobile.

Claret's la Pieza (the Piece) is intended to provide furniture to people with little means to buy their own through a simple design. A single, laser-cut metal bracket can transform found wood into a stool, bench, table, coat rack, or lamp. In it’s easiest iteration, the Piece braces the center of the stool, and three legs are screwed into the base. More complex projects like a table may require one or more of the brackets, but remain easy to assemble. Any organization can request the Piece’s plan to make their own personal version; completed versions were available at Salone del Mobile for $52. 

A close up shot shows how easy it is to attach a wooden leg to the Piece.

A sturdy dining table requires only two brackets for stability.

A line up of stools using Claret's metal bracket show the Piece's versatility. The furniture was made in collaboration with the Arrels Foundation, a group dedicated to helping the homeless in Barcelona.


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