curio 9: go girl!

By curio / Published by curio
One ground-shaking day in January this year will go down in history. With iconic symbols in hand, women across the country and the world took to the streets in protest.

Edited by Studio Marcus Hay, Inc. 

Prop Styling by Heather Greene

Still Life Photography by Jeremiah Clancy

Women's March Photography by H. Spencer Bently

 Words by Anne Hellman

January 21, 2017 did not begin like any other day. It began before the sun rose, in the pitch dark of night, in town centers, shopping malls, sports arenas and train stations. Women gathered, many with partners and children in tow—pillows, fanny packs and foamcore signs in hand. 

 From the Woman SuffrageProcession of 1913 to MartinLuther King’s March on Washingtonin 1963, Americans have called for equal rights since the country’s war for independence. The inauguration of President Trump was a backlash. It was time to march again… 

 In this issue of Curio we track the experience of New York based stylist, Heather Greene, as she joined over a million others for The Women’s March on Washington - the largest single-day demonstration in recorded U.S history.

 Through a collection of seemingly random objects leftover from the event, icons of ‘Girl Power’ and this historic day, a story unfolds of those who were present, where they walked, and what they carried.  


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