curio 7: trunk show
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curio 7: trunk show

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By curio
Sometimes one’s art can be simultaneously window and mirror: an escape hatch to another life, a reflection of the beauty of one’s surroundings.

Art Direction and Styling by Studio Marcus Hay, Inc. 

 Photography by Winky Lewis  

Words by Desi Van Til

Join us on a journey to Maine to meet Michele Michael, the heart and hands behind Elephant Ceramics, a unique line of hand-made ceramics beloved for their organic shape and palette that so specifically reflect the place that inspires them. 

 It all started on a visit to Michele’s local Brooklyn ceramics studio where she was searching for pieces for her thriving prop styling business. She never predicted an on-the spot decision to take a class would lead to a crucial pivot in her life. 

 Michele’s newfound love for ceramics inspired her to leave NYC in search of a more meditative space, and lead her to a wooded property on the banks of the Eastern River, a stone’s throw from mid-coast Maine. 

 Inside Michele’s beautiful barn studio we learn about her unique ceramic-making process, her obsession with the color blue, and just how she managed to get the artists ideal triumvirate: Space. Time. Beauty.  

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