Create Your Own Santa’s Grotto In Your Garage
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Create Your Own Santa’s Grotto In Your Garage

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By Lewis Ogden / Published by Lewis Ogden

Christmas is here, Santa has wrapped the presents and it is time to enjoy a handful (or three) of those Christmas chocolates you have been saving.

It is estimated that this year each family will spend £800 on Christmas day alone. The food, the drink, the party and the presents seem to be getting more expensive as each year goes on. 

Instead of breaking the bank this year, try something a little different and create your own Santa’s grotto in your garage. This might sound like a crazy idea but just think how much fun you can have with your kids, enjoying Christmas without having to break the bank. 

Here is everything you will need to transform your garage into the best Santa’s grotto: 

Material To Cover the Windows and Doors

The garage is an ideal location for a Santa’s grotto because you need somewhere with a minimal number of windows. This means you can create a different atmosphere to the daylight outside and make it look all Christmassy inside. 

Cover any windows and doors with black card or other material like black duct tape that will help make your garage feel like the perfect little grotto for Santa. 

Get The Christmas Lights Out

Once the windows are covered up and you are stood in the dark, it might be time to get the Christmas lights out. Whether they are fairy lights, glow in the dark, light up Santa’s or just lamps you had lying around, find the perfect pieces to go in your grotto. 

Keep everything looking Christmassy with classic coloured Christmas lights and fairy lights that can twinkle all night long. 

Finding The Perfect Entrance

Every Santa’s grotto needs the perfect entrance. You want it to be Christmassy, exciting and easy to show off to your kids and their friends. 

One great way to do this is by installing an Electric Garage Door which you can control from a switch whilst outside the garage. This means you can open the garage as the kids approach it which will really add to the magic of the grotto.

 Try putting wall art like Christmas trees or baubles on the outside of the door and making the front of the garage into a winter scene. 

Fake Snow HO HO HO!

What better way to truly celebrate the Christmas period than with a garage full of fake snow. With the Christmas lights on, garage door installed and the mince pies cooking in the kitchen, its time to cover your garage in fake snow.

 Whether its sheets of white cotton wool or sprinkles covering the ground its time to make it look like the north pole in your garage and worry about having to hoover it all up later on. 

Final Touches

Once the lights are on, the fake snow is in, the garage looks like a grotto and you are feeling extra Christmassy it is time for you to put on the Christmas playlist and sit back and enjoy. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year picking up all that fake snow off the garage floor! 

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