Crazy Sexy Wool

Crazy Sexy Wool

By Aaron Britt
I was in New York earlier this week, and stopped into the very charming and hip Bond St. bistro The Smile for lunch. In addition to a mean roast beef sandwich and some stellar pickles, they also sell a handful of books, design goods, and housewears. What really caught my eye in the old timey, wood-paneled space, though, was a rather large white bag with black print and what would prove to be just the first in a line of textile puns: Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang.

Crazy Sexy Wool is a series of knitting kits, some for hats, scarves, sweaters, gloves, etc., that comes with the yarn, needles, and pattern necessary to make the garment. A knitting kit is hardly a groundbreaking idea, but the execution here is very strong. The packaging is smart, appealing, and (in a good way) looks like what I'd imagine a designer bag of charcoal briquets might resemble. The soft, appealing wool is 100% Andean highland and the needles for the fairly thick yarn could easily double as daggers. Perfect for fending off any urban woodsman (and there were a couple at Smile) who might be lurking about. 

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