Coolhaus: Architecturally-Inspired Ice Cream
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Coolhaus will release their first cookbook on May 20th and the ice cream sandwich company will pull their truck up to Dwell on Design in June. We thought it would be a good time to give their signature ice cream a taste test and learn more about the Los Angeles company with cofounder Natasha Case.

Dwell: So, you have an architecture background and used to work as a Disney Imagineer, how did that lead to Coolhaus? 

Natasha Case: At Disney, I was able to expand my architectural skill set because it was creating architecture for a brand. Disney has a strong visual identity and is always telling a story. It really helped me get out of the box and connect with a very supportive and curious group of eclectic people.

Could you explain more about the architecture-food relationship you promote with Coolhaus?

When you are coming out of design school and operating within a bubble, you realize how important it is to connect with people outside of the bubble and have them understand how important design is, because they are your clients. I wanted to take the design field and open it up to a broader audience, and I chose food as a vehicle to do so. I call it “Farchitecture” for food plus architecture. In a general sense, architecture and design are part of the packaging, web design, marketing collateral, and any other visual components that are needed to create a strong brand. 

How did you meet cofounder Freya Estreller and start talking ice cream sandwiches? 

Learn to make the plain custard base, a starting point for many Coolhaus flavors, then fold in the special ingredients. The base has to chill for a full 24 hours so make sure you give yourself two days for Coolhaus ice cream. Coolhaus recommends using a Cuisinart ICE-100 machine for best results.

We met through a mutual friend who attended Cornell with Freya. I pretty much brought a sandwich the first time we met. We are now married, so there was a romantic side as much as there was a business side. 

Tips from Coolhaus: <br><br>Don't overcook the base, if it starts to look like scrambled eggs, it is overcooked<br><br>Use the freshest ingredients<br><br>Add alcohol at the very end<br><br>Freeze finished ice cream for two hours before serving

Tips from Coolhaus:

Don't overcook the base, if it starts to look like scrambled eggs, it is overcooked

Use the freshest ingredients

Add alcohol at the very end

Freeze finished ice cream for two hours before serving

What elements do you use to create flavors besides puns of architect’s names (such as Mies Vanilla Rohe)?

It can come from anywhere. For example, when we did landscape urbanism we picked a dirty mint julep because we wanted it to look green and earthy with the mint leaves.

What design movements inspire you?

I’ve always loved the Bauhaus, not only because of the clean lines, but also for their holistic approach and lifestyle. They focused on how they lived their days, not only just painting and sculpting. I am drawn to a modern, industrial style with splashes of excitement and fun.


Thank you Natasha! Click through the slideshow to learn how to make their Bananas Foster ice cream for the Norman Bananas Foster sandwich. You can pre-order the Coolhaus Ice Cream Book on Amazon and be sure to see Coolhaus at Dwell on Design this June!

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