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By Jenny Xie / Published by Dwell Solutions
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Here are a few points for publishers and writers to keep in mind to ensure the best experience for all on Dwell.

Dwell is an open community where designers, architects, photographers, writers, and design enthusiasts of all stripes can share, collaborate, and discover. As such, we welcome community members to create and publish their own content on the platform, and add their voice to an ongoing conversation. We've created a checklist for obtaining permission and attributing credit where it's applicable.

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Community Guidelines

  1. Permission. If you are a publisher uploading a story by another writer, please reach out for permission to do so.  
  2. Story credit. If you are not the writer of the story, add the proper credit under the Writers section of the story editor tool. Type in the writer's name to find them in the system; if they don't have a profile on Dwell, we suggest adding a line at the beginning of the story. (Example: Written by John Doe)

    For more information about the difference between the writer and publisher credit, click here.
  3. Photo credit. When uploading photos, be sure to credit the photographer and/or the image source. You can also add photographers as contributors to the story under the Details section of the story editor tool.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or at to get the story editor tool.

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