Hal Pendant 
 With the pendant’s glass shade removed, Guillaume Delvigne and La Chance’s nod to HAL 9000 of 2001: A Space Odyssey becomes clearer. 
 lachance.fr  Photo 10 of 13 in Color Unleashed
Twisted jug 
 Glimpsed from  above, a spiral-shaped gradient lets users check the volume of ingredients in Gabriele Rosa’s measuring jug for 
Alessi. alessi.com  Photo 12 of 13 in Color Unleashed
Loop chair 
 Rodet, which has shaped tubular steel for nearly 40 years, likens the powder-coated lines of Fred Rieffel’s chair to the curves of a race track. 
 rodet-home.net  Photo 11 of 13 in Color Unleashed
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