Cleaning the Bathroom: 6 Things You Should Do Every Day
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Cleaning the Bathroom: 6 Things You Should Do Every Day

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By Alex Patric / Published by Alex Patric
Cleaning the bathroom is probably the last thing in your daily to-do list but you can’t escape from it. The soap scum, toilet rings, grime and other nasty stuff may seem overwhelming and scary to clean but leaving them intact would only worsen things.

There’re however, a few things that require regular cleaning treatment in the bathroom that actually makes it pretty easier to deep wash the entire corner when needed! Check out a few things that you should clean every day without playing lethargic.

1. Sink/Wash Basin

The easiest to clean is the bathrooms sink that if you don’t wipe even for a day, soap scum, hard water and even your cosmetics can leave it dingy. While the sink material matter most, staining does occur regardless of the type which makes it important to wipe regularly. After the usual morning bathroom routine and before going to bed, scrub the sink gently to prevent grime and stain build-up. Doing so daily would prevent you from brushing it down rigorously as well as precious time

2. Toilet Treatment

Toilet is perhaps the least favourite when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. But you can actually make it easier and less hectic through daily maintenance. Simply wipe clean the seat and the lid with antibacterial wipe and solution, swirl the toilet brush mildly dampened in bleach. Doing so regularly and it’ll keep the toilet clean and disinfected!

3. Close the Lid

The toilet lid is designed for a purpose which unfortunately we’re less aware of! Leaving the toilet lid open while flushing spreads bacteria all over the bathroom especially on the items kept on the sink if it’s too near; including the toothbrush! Medical research has concluded that flushing with the toilet lid closed prevents spreading of the germs and bacteria

4. Mirror, Faucets & Countertops

Well, not too prone to germs as compared to other corners of the bathroom, the mirror, faucets and countertop must also be treated daily. The best time is after the usual morning routine; wipe using a sponge damped in an antibacterial solution (non-bleach). The area in between the faucet, back wall and seams that connects faucets to the countertops are dirtiest of all and usually ignored so pay close attention to these.

5. Shower Doors & Curtains

The shower doors and curtains don’t just house soap scum but are breeding grounds for bacteria and mildew. To prevent such from happening, daily quick cleaning is extremely important especially after using the shower. Bunched up curtains hold water in their folds which stimulates growth of mould and mildew! If it’s a while you haven’t treated the bathroom curtain, simply pull them down and wash in the washing machine or turn them in to a professional cleaning service.

6. Tub/shower

Much like the door and curtain, bathroom tub and shower corner itself are prone to mould and soap scum whereas persisting moisture results in grime development. Simply wipe these corners with a sponge dabbed in an antibacterial solution or bathroom cleaning wipes.


When cleaning the bathroom, allow proper ventilation by keeping the door and window open for best results.

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