Choice or Passion: Add Knobs and Pulls for Your Doors and Cabinets

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By Sim john / Published by Sim john
Knobs are an integral part of the interior décor of a house. They give accent to the furniture,doors, and cabinets in the manner of a sentinel guarding a treasure house. Many people reckon the knobs to be as important as setting a door for your house.

Importance of the knob for the house

That is indeed true but many do not give much importance to this aspect. For those who do, the

knobs represent a point in the navigation within the house. In that sense, we say that knobs have

an aesthetic value and a functional value. It also depends on the pull or knob that you choose.

One can get more details from the door knob suppliers in your locality.

Functional aspect of the knob or pull

The knob or pull serves to give you the means to open and close your door and cabinet. They

help to make the act of pulling a drawer or door open easier. They represent the lock that keeps

the person or things within the drawer private.

Of course, they are a part of the cabinet or the door in the respect that they must have the

strength to withstand the force exerted while open and closing of the cabinet or door. They

should last as long as the cabinet or door. And, they must not become deformed while they are in


Aesthetic value of the knob

The pull or the knob need not be the crown jewels to have attractiveness. They must present an

aspect of beauty that helps to improve the decor of the house. At the other end of the scale, they

must not be so drab as to spoil the loveliness of the room where it is placed.

Go online and check the huge variety in the cabinets knobs and pulls that one can use for their

house and furniture. You can see knobs made of ceramic, and those made of glass. You have

plain wooden knobs and then you have metal knobs. You have plain knobs, painted knobs,

etched knobs, and bevelled knobs.

Creating the perfect balance

Creating harmony is an art; houses must retain its integrity within the limits of beauty and reason.

So, choose the knob as per the ambiance and colour scheme. To be true one must have the

same aspirations and so to keep the shades in line with the décor, one must have an exact colour


When one buys things readymade, they do not care so much for the perfect balance or colour

schemes. The furniture just occupy space without being a part of it. There is lesser harmony and

the ambiance is a bit flat. People who care, pay attention to detail and try to get the smallest detail

right. The door knob can change the look in the eye of the beholder from one of indifference to

one of amazement.

Choose the right knob to set the right note for your interiors. Choosing one with class makes

things as different as the flowing notes of the shehnai from the howl of the wolf in the desert.

Make your spaces beautiful with the tiniest effort.