POLL: Osso vs Sedia 1

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By Lara Deam / Published by Dwell
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We square off the contrasting styles of the Osso Chair by Bourellecs for Mattiazzi and the Artek's Sedia 1 Chair by Enzo Mari.

Tell us which chair you prefer....the refined, elegance and machine crafted beauty of the Bourellec's chair or the punk rock DIY aesthetic of Enzo Mari's Sedia 1 Chair from 1974.

Mattiazzi Osso Chair
Mattiazzi Osso Chair
The Osso is a fun, playful, and beautiful chair designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Italian brand Mattiazzi. Composed of locally harvested, chemical-free wood panels, the chair is fabricated with high-tech modeling equipment that runs on solar power. The designers say that it's the "sensuality of the wood" that makes the object. The Osso Chair is available in a variety of colors: black, blue, green, dark gray, pink, white, natural ash, natural maple, and natural oak. Photo: Courtesy of Mattiazzi
-Written by Stephen Blake | Dwell Products


Artek Sedia 1 Chair
Artek Sedia 1 Chair
As an influential Italian designer and thinker, Enzo Mari brought his “Autoprogettazione” project to the design world in 1974. The venture raised many questions and debatable topics throughout the industry—all of which are still relevant to this day. Made up of furniture that’s constructed with the most affordable and basic materials, the first object to be produced from the collection was the Sedia 1 Chair, which is manufactured to this day by Artek in Finland. When you purchase the Sedia 1, you receive a set of pre-cut pine boards, nails, instructions—and that’s it. The fact that you have to assemble the chair yourself brings to light Mari’s theory that education should be part of everything. Most importantly, the chair celebrates his idea of creating mass-produced objects that are both functional and beautiful.  Photo: Achim Hatzius, Courtesy of Artek
-Written by Paige Alexus | Dwell

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