Cable Organizers

By William Lamb / Published by Dwell
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Dear Dwell, I've recently renovated my home office. While I could not be happier with the results, I cannot find an elegant solution for organizing the mess of cords behind my desk. Do you have any suggestions? —Clifford Britt, Duluth, Minnesota

With the profusion of new electronic doohickeys—cell phones, MP3 players, desktop speakers, and the like—has come an explosion of wires, cords, and cables. With all those cables sprouting like weeds, it's no surprise that the resulting jumble is spilling onto our desktops and creeping out from behind our entertainment centers.

One problem, of course, is that so-called wireless gadgets really aren't wireless at all—most come with bulky chargers that cover up outlets they aren't even using. Fortunately, several design-conscious inventors have come up with creative ways to tame the tangle and turn it into something worth showing off.

William Lamb


Will Lamb is a writer and editor based in Jersey City, New Jersey. He served as a senior editor at Dwell from 2013 to 2015.

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