Bulthaup's B2 Kitchen System

Bulthaup's B2 Kitchen System

By Deborah Bishop
With its updated version of the old walk-in hearth, Bulthaup deconstructs the kitchen into a freestanding system fit for a modern ascetic.

Also known as the Kitchen Workshop, Bulthaup’s new b2 system consists of a workbench and two wooden boxes. At once beautiful and austere—–even monastic—–it melds a Shakerlike simplicity with a rigorous approach to storage calibrated down to the last espresso cup. Opened up, the boxes are the kitchen. Closed, they’re a sculptural installation, more Donald Judd than Julia Child.

Bulthaup's b2 system comes equipped with everything a kitchen needs—the workbench contains a sink, trash receptacles, and cooktops, while the two wooden cabinets house the appliances and the kitchenware.

The Appliance Cabinet contains the oven, dishwasher, and European-scale fridge (American behemoths may need to chill outside the box). The Tool Cabinet unfolds like a magician’s trunk to reveal deeper and deeper layers for utensils, dishware, and food. The workbench—–a kind of freestanding island—–may be customized with various cooktop and sink modules and with materials such as stone for baking and wood for chopping. Rolling garbage carts reside respectfully below.

The Tool Cabinet of the b2 system contains everything you would ever need to cook and serve your food.

Like many things that appear simple on the surface, the b2 may demand too great a level of discipline for some. If you’re the type who leaves no pot unsullied when concocting your signature paella, you may wish to temper utopian dreams of chaos containment with a more forgiving system. (Ditto if you are wont to collect stray bits of crockery.) However, as something to aspire to, the b2—–with its reassuring message that there’s a place for everything and everything has its place—–exists in a league of its own.


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