Building the Maxon House: Week 20


According to the filmmaker and director, Craig Brooks, "In our business you inherently get to 'see behind the scenes' on projects... but rarely do you get this kind of access, information and first-hand experience. This second teaser shows a few more elements of that process and even then it's not even scratching the surface. This is an unprecedented look into a journey only a select few people have experienced."

"I was literally one of the first few people to walk the property with Lou and see it in its original glory," says Brooks. "Getting to document this process.. and getting to meet all the people involved has dramatically changed my view of what it truly takes to build a custom home. The time, the intricacies, the people, the patience, the iron will of the family... I think every viewer will not only be surprised, but moved by the people and the stories."

The Maxon House film series will debut over at in the Fall of 2011.

Credits: Kontent Partners
Director and Filmmaker: Craig Brooks
Executive Producer: Michael Bini
Producers: Craig Brooks, Courtney Clarke
Music: 'Polaroid'  by Sarah Schachner



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