Building a New Dwell

Building a New Dwell

By Ethan Lance
Pretty soon we'll open the floodgates and let millions of Dwell enthusiasts in.

But for now, Dwell Beta, is a private affair. It's May 2016 and if you’re reading this now, you’re a special part of the birth of a new Dwell.  

Ok, I don’t want to be too philosophical about how big of an idea this is since we’re just in BETA. But just stretch your imagination. Where could we be going with this?  We're not thinking small.  

Collaboration, Discussion, Discovery

Here’s a list of just a few upcoming features that all of us will be able to use. 

  • Story publishing via a very modern text editor with all the bells and whistles
  • Notifications when you get a comment
  • @mentions in comments 
  • Private direct conversations 
  • Product annotations on any photo, anyone uploads 

So stick with us over the next couple months. If you like beta, then holy cow, wait until we get going.  Every two weeks we'll be shipping new features. It's just gonna get better and better!

I'd love your feedback in the comments below!

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