Check Out This Brooklyn Hotel's Dramatic Living Wall Installation

Check Out This Brooklyn Hotel's Dramatic Living Wall Installation

Accentuating the lobby of the eco-conscious 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a 25-foot, vertical living wall that blends industrial motifs with natural elements.
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Created by landscape design company Harrison Green, the 1 Hotel Living Wall provides a living, green centerpiece in the day-lit focal point of the hotel.  Cascading across concrete and steel wall surfaces is a deliberate, simple, and graceful framework that supports the ever-growing and changing wall of vegetation. 

Straying from the traditional concept of a "green wall," this installation of form and greenery is based on the strategic way plants migrate in nature, allowing the vegetation to organically grow.  This colonization pattern is projected vertically against the canvas of hotel walls as a mobile, artistic living structure. 

A variety of plantings, including staghorns, ferns, vines, and creeping ficus, were specifically selected based on the interior environment and lighting requirements. Custom-designed pendants with daylight spectrum bulbs provide additional light that mimics the sun. 

Sculptural, organic, modern, and raw, the wall carries nature into the luxurious 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The natural world is further synthesized through the overall design motifs and material selections incorporated throughout the living quarters and accommodations designed by Marvel Architects and INC Architecture and Design. The industrial roots of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York's East River can be enjoyed from the comfort of this waterfront retreat which harmoniously blends history, design, and nature. 


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