Bright and Powerful Colors

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By Dana Scobercia / Published by Dana Scobercia
Duotone Colors in Decorative Glass

The A&D community has requested bright and powerful colors for 2017. Clients are craving the positive energy we absorb from color. In response, Nathan Allan kiln formed glass artists, have developed new, vivid, color combinations for our dazzling Duotone Series.

Applied on deep textured glass, the color combinations illuminate each space with optimism and intensity, creating a liveliness which lifts all spirits.

Nathan Allan produces single color options in both clear and opaque colors. And we also produce something different and unique; Duotone, the combination of two independent colors, blending together in areas, to create a 3rd color.

The finished effect is new, unique, and powerful. Our deepest, most wavy textures work best with Duotone colors, helping to separate the individual colors, while at the same time, blending the two colors in strategic areas on the glass surface. Welcome to the year of Luminous Green Color.

About Duotone Colors

Duotone color finishes incorporate two of Nathan Allan’s Lucent colors, on the same panel of glass. Green and Aqua colors are clearly noticeable on their own, but there is also an intriguing blend of 2 colors overlapping.

Duotone colors are transparent, allowing ample light transmission into your space, while creating bright, vibrant displays. All panels are safety tempered, with maximum panel sizes up to 5’0 x 10’0.

Applications include:

feature walls
door inserts

To create the most effective finish, Duotone colors are applied to our deepest textured glass.

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To create the most effective finish, Duotone colors are applied to our deepest textured glass. Learn to combine colors like a pro. Visit page: