21-Stories Condo-Hotel at Bosanova

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By Nardi Associates LLP / Published by Nardi Associates LLP
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, MEXICO

Rising 21-stories above the beachfront Avenida del Mar, this condo-hotel is sure to become a highly desirable A-list destination and most prominent addition to Mazatlan’s skyline. It is situated on Mazatlan’s crescent moon bay and faces a pristine shoreline and two landmark islands just off shore, with the historical lighthouse "El Faro" to the south. It sits perfectly between the historic town center, centro histórico, and the booming Golden Zone, Zona Dorada, both minutes away via open-air cab. 

The building’s appearance is pure structure. Architecture and structure create a synergistic phenomenon, with no clear distinction made between the two. The intricate structural elements mutually support each other and converge into an intertwined and interconnected system much like the Mangrove tree’s laced trunk made up of multiple fingers digging deep into a rich swamp ecosystem; each root interwoven and interdependent with the next. This organically inspired and rigid structure serves two purposes: it provides strength and an overall skeleton that accommodates the wind loads coming off the adjacent ocean and possible seismic conditions; and, it represents a metaphor of the local Mangrove trees that gently shelter the hundreds of natural inhabitants of nearby wetlands. 

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As the tree form evolved in response to environmental challenges, the appearance of the building has followed in a classic example of parallel evolution. The concept of the tree organism strengthens an inherent, structural rationality. The arrangement of the branches optimizes exposure of the leaves to sunlight. The careful layout of the structural elements allows ample tropical natural light into all residential units and frames inspiring ocean views. Along the approach road, the building’s sculptural force is emphasized, and intricate tree silhouettes are stunning at close range and fascinating from a distance, constantly shifting with changing daylight and seasons. The aesthetic coolness of the concrete used for primary structural material is balanced by the warmth of the local climate and surrounding urban fabric. It also demonstrates the varying expressions possible with concrete, spanning from the very rough to the highly refined. 

Bosanova is a private vacation residence with the convenience of 24-hour hotel service. A huge array of amenities include a trendy pool scene with swim up bar, king size lounge beds, a spacious gym, a whimsical restaurant, and a roof top beauty bar with 360 degree breath-taking views. 

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21-Stories Condo-Hotel at Bosanova - Photo 3 of 3 -