Bongs or Water Pipes: What Every Stoner Must Know

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By Arefin Rabby / Published by Arefin Rabby
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There are certain things that you will learn by experience. As a smoker there is no shortcut to this. In case you need a smoking accessory to enjoy your tobacco puff, marijuana hit, or any other legal herb for that matter you will have to buy it and try it out. Bongs and water pipes are some accessory that will force you to do so. Just to give you a tit bit from my experience, here are some vital facts that you have to know when buying bongs or water pipes. 

What your Smoking Accessory Is

First you must learn to know your device. Knowing the type of smoking accessory that you need is very important to giving the exact experience that you are looking for. There are many accessories including bubbler, dab rigs, water pipes, inhalers, bongs, hand pipes, recyclers, and blunts among others. Bongs on the other hand are "water pipes." A water pipe is usually a filtration device that allows you to enjoy a number of legal smoked herbs. 

They are made from silicone, acrylic, ceramic, or glass. They have built in percolators, ice catchers, and many other different chambers that are charged with filtering impurities from your smoke and leaving you with a fresh hit. These percolators are sometimes called carburetors. 

Understand How the Accessory Works

Water pipes and bongs work in the same manner. They allow smoke to pass through the water that’s in the chamber. This water is usually kept at an ideal temperature (cold). When smoke passes through these chambers it cools down. The process of cooling down allows the smoke to drop up certain impurities that are harmful to your health including tar and resins. The resulting smoke is therefore very fresh and a great way to reduce on fatal diseases caused by smoked herbs including cancer. 

What Research Says on Bongs

According to research, burned herbs such as marijuana and tobacco will produce a mixture of very harmful compounds. Such toxins can easily cause fatal health conditions including cancer and tumors. Among the known compounds are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) such as benzopyrene. These are found in tobacco. Bongs are designed to eradicate or reduce the levels of these compounds in your dab. They will trap these immunity impairing cytotoxins to a tune of 90%. The use of water to filter out these toxic elements has been found to be highly beneficial.

Where to Buy your Accessory

In case you want to buy a bong, water pipe, or any other smoking accessory for that matter, you have to visit an ideal head shop. Online head shops such as the Cloud Culture Store are usually a great place to start off. They have a variety of collection and will leave you with an easy time to choose the very best.


Irrespective of your type of device you should first consider the best enjoyment. Find a smoking accessory that leaves you with maximum fun and also allows you to enjoy the very last of your hit. However consider the price too and work along your budget.

From the cost of your bong, design, to the type of experience that you seek, you should always find something that’s easy to learn, use, and work with. A great option is to choose a water pipe that will allow you to maximize the power of your lungs.