Blu's Unfolding Prefab

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By Aaron Britt
In our December/January issue, Prefab Perfected, we offer a shopper's guide to the best of American prefabricated architecture. We take you through over a dozen firms that matter right now, one of which is the Waltham, Massachusetts-based Blu Homes. Like a lot of modular prefabs, the main structure of a Blu Home is factory-built, but the real trick of founders Bill Haney and Maura McCarthy's design reveals itself once the house is on-site. With the help of a crane and some workmen, the module comes off the bed of the delivery truck and literally unfolds into place. Not only is this a sight to behold (check out the video below), but it cuts down on site work and on-site construction time. Read more about firms like Blu Homes and get the best of prefab in this month's issue, on newsstands now.