Best ways to clean carpets

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By Awais Ahmed / Published by Awais Ahmed
How hard you try, you will eventually meet the sight of carpet that will laugh at you with ugly stains? If you want to fight these stains, then you will need to work a little. You can work out the best tips which are mentioned in this article to clean your carpet, or you always have the option to take the aid of professional carpet cleaning company services.

Five best options to cleaning the carpet and its stains: 

Never Rub:

The way to clean the carpet is to dab stains instead rubbing them vigorously. If you will rub these stains then they will seep deeper inside the carpet and become more rigid.   

Use Club Soda:

Have you been witnessing adamant beer or wine stains? If yes then forget them now as club soda method can make them vanish much easily. Take a clean piece of cloth and blot the place with the soda. The alternate of using the club soda is using vinegar and water. Mix both the items in equal ratio and pour it in a clean sprayer. Then you can spray this solution anywhere the stains exist. Remember to allow the spray to be there for about fifteen minutes before soaking it up. You can use any sponge for soaking it up. Repeat the process multiple times until satisfied. After using the club soda or vinegar solution, you should damp the area with warm water. For drying the dampness, spread a towel over the area and keep it there until it absorbs all the wetness. 

Ice Cube:

Many a times it is so frustrating to witness the chewing gum stuck on a carpet. The easier way to get rid of this mess is using ice cubes. The ice acts as a magic, just grab few ice cubes from your freezer and the let it rest on the gum for about a minute. The gum will freeze with the ice cube and then you can lift it up from your carpet. 

Blood Stains:

The awful bloodstains can make your carpet look a way to ugly. The best and the easiest ways to get rid of these stains are making the use of hydrogen peroxide. Yes, this chemical solution will amaze you. But don’t apply directly to the carpet, the effective way to use this chemical is making the use of warm water prior. Dab the water on the stain and with the help of any detergent remove or lighten the stain as much as you can, then let the rest of the work depend on hydrogen peroxide. Apply this solution directly to the lighten stain and wait for it to vanish completely.


Go for deeper cleaning as your carpets deserve that treatment. The best mechanical way to treat your carpet well is by using the vacuum cleaner. It will make your carpet appear new. All you need to do this practice vacuuming both vertically and horizontally in order to ensure the proper and deep cleaning.

Final Words:

Everyone can clean the carpets by using the above five ways but these steps are not easy to follow this is why there is a carpet cleaning company who can do the job in a more professional way which prolonged the carpet's life.