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By Modify Furniture / Published by Modify Furniture
Modify Furniture is excited to launch our first Design Challenge! Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a newbie, here’s your chance to show off your creative side, get your name out there, and  win $200 cash value prize in the process. Entrants will be designing a "drop-in" desk accessory to add form, function, and flair to existing Modify furniture designs.

To see how our desk accessories work, check out our video.

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 The Challenge 

Design the Next Modify Furniture Drop-in desk accessory.   

The Rules 

 1DESIGN: must serve a purpose (examples: pencil holder, phone amplifier, lamp). 

2 SHAPE: design base must be  4" x 8.764" with 3/8" corner radius to mount into our accessory line. (approximate dimensions for youth submissions absolutely welcome)  

3 MATERIALS: base should be able to be made from CNC routed 3/4 inch sheet material. Additional materials may vary.  

4 SUBMISSION: design images plus brief description may be emailed to and/or submitted via instagram with hashtag #mymodifydesign Please tag us as well.  For submissions by minors, please read contest rules for more details. Drawings, DXF, JPEG, PSD files all accepted.  

5 JUDGING will be done by the Modify Furniture team and will be based on the following attributes 

 • creativity  

 • functionality (written description optimal) 

 • sustainability 

 • cost effective 

 • ease of manufacturing 

 • design appropriate for customers of ALL ages 

for complete set of contest rules, check out more details


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