BDDW's Handmade Record Players

This solid marble record player (above) weighs 500 pounds, and technically isn't for sale. He's still tweaking it to improve the sound.

This record player, with a solid leather platter on a silver-plated bronze box, is priced at $12,000.

Here's a prototype record player with a machine base from an old mill. He plans to cast it in bronze, and sell it for between $20,000 and $30,000. "Think of it as a work of art," he suggests.

Hays has already sold ten pairs of these simple, beautiful speakers, which come in a dark claro walnut and a lighter American holly. They're priced at $7,500. "For what they are—super-heavy, with amazing sound quality—they're reasonably priced," says Hays. "There are plenty of $100,000 systems out there, but they're ugly: I'd put a sheet over them before I'd put them in my house. These are for audiophiles with good taste."

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