Barcelona or Madrid: Where to go first with Spain Golden Visa?
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Barcelona or Madrid: Where to go first with Spain Golden Visa?

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By Sim john / Published by Sim john
The two greatest and biggest cities of Spain; none other than Barcelona and Madrid have long been friendly rivals and the history goes beyond the typical football ties. Well, Madrid is the capital city that enjoys the central seat of politics, economy, culture and geography. It’s also home to the great Spanish monarchy which makes it worth a visit that gets even better with a Spain Golden Visa.

Barcelona is also considered a capital mostly because if the independent area of Catalunya in the far north-eastern Spain. The coast gives a typical Mediterranean vibe that’s more of a laidback character and comparably higher number of tourists. When choosing between Madrid and Barcelona for your next break destination, have a look at some features and how you can enjoy them best with Spain Golden Visa.

For culture

Madrid; being the capital house some of the country’s leading art museums. The Prado is country’s most eminent national art museum and home to the best collection of European art from 12th to 19th century.

The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza proudly boasts thousands of art marvels including American art collection. The Reina Sofia has a wealth of Spain’s national collection of 20th century art that includes the famous Guernica of Picasso. Only a few cities dive deeper in historic art as Madrid.
Barcelona has Gaudi; the Catalonian architect made his mark on the city and there’re beautiful examples of his spread all over Barcelona. This includes modern masterpiece that is Sagrada Familia basilica to the enchanted Parc Güell sculpture.

For food

The traditional foods of Madrid give a true essence of Spanish cuisine with plenty of stew. Two typical meals are cocido Madrileño; a chickpea stew and the callos a la Madrileña; another stew prepared with sausage and beef. Besides meat, you may go for fried squid sandwich namely the bocata de calamares.

Being a tourist hotspot, food in Barcelona tends to be comparatively expensive however there’re many different dine-ins and creative cuisines to prepare food according to everyone’s taste buds.

For nightlife

Madrid is known to have the highest number of cafes and bars in all European Union and the usual street view is proof enough. Barcelona also has plenty of party spirit but not as much vibrant as Madrid.

For shopping

From departmental stores to designer boutiques and many other shops, Madrid has all it takes to entice a shopper including El Rastro, the Sunday flea market where you can shop for the best items on a huge discounted price.

Barcelona is considered fashion capital of Spain that’s lined with exclusive designer shops and vintage clothing outlets.

So where to go first?

It depends on what you’re looking for be it culture, food, shopping, nightlife or anything else. Both Madrid and Barcelona can be enjoyed best with a Spain Golden Visa.

Eating is Barcelonans favourite hobby and a norm to be taken seriously if this is the first time you’re visiting the place with a Spain Golden Visa.
A primary difference in food culture between both cities is clear as Madrid give free tapas dishes with a drink in their bars but quite rare in Barcelona.

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