"We call it the design the "2 Bar House" because there's a horizontal and perpendicular bar; one of the bars really looks over the other's roof. It would be unfortunate to only look out over this shiny white roof," says Feldman. "The master suite could be this thing that was kind of unfortunate, or it could be this secret garden and so the green roof became this splurge. A green roof is never something we design when we're out of money because it costs much more than a standard roof."  Photo 11 of 11 in Bar Method
The living room, dining room and kitchen are in one open space. The flooring is bamboo. The cabinetry is a mix of bamboo, walnut, and maple, and was fabricated by City Cabinetmakers out of San Francisco.  Photo 2 of 11 in Bar Method
The Jorgensen's Menlo Park home is a model of green design with features that are smart for everyone to consider. "Every project is different, but there are some universal things that will apply from project to project," says Feldman about designing a green home. "The first—and most obvious thing—is to always try to build less, to have a smaller house and be smart about how the rooms are designed and oriented so that you can get by with less space. Smart design will lead to a smaller building, but it won't feel smaller."  Photo 1 of 11 in Bar Method
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