Writer Dan Maginn’s Ode to the Ikea Cabinet says it best:

“O CABINETS, thou art affordable and shall fit like Careless laughter on our walls! Yet ye remain incomplete. ’Tis time to cloak you properly. What color are thy doors And drawers? Be ye wood’n made, or be ye glossed in shiny Resin? Do steely knobs populate thine countenance? Companion! Like siblings at play with Mr. Potato Head, let Us now select a proper face for our Kitchen-Tuber. Duvbo? We smileth not at thee. Ärlig? No—thou art too white. Lo! Who’s this? Companion! What think thee of Linjär? Aye! Blue of face, sleek of handle, (shines she not brighter’Pon our approach?) LINJÄR! Thou art ours!”  Photo 1 of 1 in An Ode to the IKEA Cabinet