All You Need to Know About Mannequin Types
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All You Need to Know About Mannequin Types

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By Sim john / Published by Sim john
If you just started and online store then you must be looking for some display fixtures which you can use to display your products especially clothing. Clothing are one of the main items which are available for sale at a fashion store. To display these clothing store owners use mannequins and dress forms to display their clothing inventory. If you are also one of those stores retailers who just opened new fashion store in the market or thinking to expand your shop then you might be looking for mannequins.

Buying mannequins is not an easy task and needs a lot of research work and effort. It is also very necessary to pay an extra attention while buying mannequins because these are one of the best tool which Businessman use as a great marketing tool to attract customers towards their retail store. Having good looking display window can make your store look more appealing for your customers. It can force them to move from outside to inside. According to survey mannequins have proven up to 70% growth in sales of different fashion stores.

Before buying your mannequins first you need to know the types of mannequins available in the market. By knowing this you can find that which type of display set you need for your store. Following are few common types’ mannequins available in the market from which you can select according to your requirement.

Abstract mannequins:- 
Abstract mannequins are one of the most common type available in the market. These are so popular mannequins because they can let focus your customers on your clothing instead of mannequin face. These mannequins come in flat face with no features. This way you can make you are offered clothing more dominant. These types of mannequins are also cheaper than others.

Possible mannequins:- 
Possible or Adjustable mannequin are also very popular in the market. They come with possible future. You can band their arms and legs according to your preferred pose. If we need mannequins in different styles then these are the best for you because you don't need to buy multiple mannequins.

Half body mannequins are also very popular in small stores where space is not available. This type of mannequins don't take much place and can be fit in small stores. These are also cheaper than other types. However you can only display single pieces on them.

Realistic mannequins:-
If you are in need of a model to display your clothing then you might not afford a real model however you can use realistic mannequins at your Store. Realistic mannequins come in real look and your customer can see a real person standing in front of him at your display window. This way he can have a better idea about how the clothing will look like when he wear it.

These are the most common types of mannequins available in the market in these days. You can find different styles poses and materials in in mannequins however the basic types would be same. I hope that this article will help you to know at least basic types of mannequins available in the market.

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