Zen BathWorks strengthened this large tub with an apron that doubles as a cup rest. The room’s walls are wood-clad to reduce visual clutter and the tub rim is indented to direct water towards a floor drain shared by a shower. Soaking tubs are often smaller than conventional tubs as the bather sits with knees to chest-great if you have a small bathroom but want a tub. Sides can be sloped or straight and wood with knots generally costs less than straight-grained planks.  If you’re curious about cedar’s scent, the bars sold in hardware stores for use as a moth-repellent give a general idea. Photo courtesy of: Zen BathWorks  Photo 10 of 13 in Japanese Soaking Tubs
The custom cedar tub, fabricated by Dovetail, elegantly fits into the master bathroom. Tagged: Bath Room.  Photo 12 of 13 in Japanese Soaking Tubs
At the opposite end of the house, the soaking tub gets almost daily use. The bath and shower fixtures are by Dornbracht Tagged: Bath Room and Soaking Tub.  Photo 11 of 13 in Japanese Soaking Tubs from An Atypical Modern Home in Southern California
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