Airbnb Luxe Now Offers Mind-Blowing Estate Rentals for Bon Vivants

Airbnb Luxe Now Offers Mind-Blowing Estate Rentals for Bon Vivants

By Duncan Nielsen
The sharing economy just got ultra refined.

Just over a year ago, Airbnb introduced Plus—an upper tier of rentals with top-notch style, comfort, and charm. And this week, the San Francisco–based company launched Airbnb Luxe—a curated collection of 2,000 luxury estates around the world with "five-star everything."

Each expertly designed home has passed a 300-point inspection and comes with luxury amenities, a full range of services, and a dedicated trip designer that'll customize an itinerary based on your tastes and desires.

For example: a private car picks you up from the airport and sweeps you off to your destination; a five-star chef prepares your favorite meals (unless you'd like a reservation made at a nearby Michelin-starred establishment); a massage therapist is on-call at all times. The offerings are virtually limited only by one's imagination. 

In the midst of two newish booming economies—the sharing and experience ones—Airbnb has smartly dovetailed a growing desire for adventurous vacationing with high-end living, granting luxury to those traveling to far-flung corners of the world.

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