A Used Cargo Van Becomes a Mobile Studio
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A Used Cargo Van Becomes a Mobile Studio

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By Design Milk / Published by Design Milk
Filmmaker Zach Both got creative when it was time for him to hit the road for work last year. Needing to hit various locations around the U.S., 23-year old Both bought a 10-year old Chevy cargo van off of Craigslist and converted it into a mobile studio. This gave him complete freedom to work wherever the project took him, while giving him a comfortable place to live and work.

Once he bought the van, Both renovated the interior, taking inspiration from modern architecture. Despite having zero carpentry experience prior to this project, he completed all of the woodwork himself using reclaimed wood from a 19th century church in Cleveland, Ohio.

The interior might be small in size, but it comes with a futon bed, a kitchen with a stove, and solar panels on the roof to provide power for the fridge and a home theater system.

Having learned many lessons along the way, Both decided to share the entire process in a detailed, step-by-step guide at TheVanual.com. He’s also included tons of tips and tricks for living on the road in a van.


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