Stay in a Tiny Shingled Cabin in Austria That Resembles a Bird-Like UFO

Stay in a Tiny Shingled Cabin in Austria That Resembles a Bird-Like UFO

By Michele Koh Morollo
Next to an old farmhouse in the East Tyrolean village of Nussdorf, Austria, is an unusually shaped, shingle-clad cabin that's raised up on skinny steel struts.

Set on a hilly incline and designed by architects Peter and Lukas Jungmann, the cabin appears to hover above ground like some sort of alien object—a stark contrast to its pastoral environment and the traditional Austrian chalets that surround it. 

Because of its irregular, otherworldly form, and how it seems to be suspended in midair, the cabin was named "Ufogel," which is a melding of the acronym UFO and "vogel," meaning bird in German. 

Available for rent through Urlaubsarchitektur, Ufogel’s exterior is covered in rustic Austrian-style shingles, but its sharp angles and asymmetrical shape gives it a distinctly futuristic, nest-like look. 

Within, the split-level, 485-square-foot space accommodates up to eight people. 

Fitted with waterproof and rot-resistant larch wood and large, angled-glass windows, the interior has a warm, sci-fi-inspired feel and gets flooded with sunlight during the day. 

On the lower level is a bright lounge area with large, elongated glass windows where guests can take in panoramic views of the Tyrolean Alps. 

This level also includes a dining area with a built-in bench, a kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, and a wood-burning stove. 

A slim, angular staircase creates a flat nook between the two levels where guests can pile up pillows, relax with a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy a different perspective of the snow-capped Alps. 

On the upper level, underneath a domed roof, sleeping areas and a bathroom allow guests to once again enjoy views of the mountains—this time from under a rain shower. 

Part modern art sculpture, part cozy cabin that connects with its natural surroundings, Ufogel is an out-of-this-world vacation home that celebrates bold, convention-defying architecture.  


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