A Quick Guide To Successfully Furnishing Your Holiday Rental

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
Kitting out your holiday rental property involves keeping in mind the two contrasting living purposes that you need; yourself and your guests. It's important to give thought to your guests when furnishing your holiday rental, as the choices you make will have an impact on how great their holiday experience is.

Of course that is not to say that your home has to take on that boring, generic look and feel - people have hotels rooms for that need. Preference is often given to holiday rentals over hotels as travellers like to spend their full holiday in a specific property which embraces the lifestyle and feel of the destination. You must keep keep in mind though that the range of customers you need to keep happy will be wide. 

 The home to home factor of comfort and convenience also has many travellers choosing a private holiday rental over a hotel. Certainly they will have an expectation that the home is furnished to the same level as their own home, or to a more superior level if the price is high. To understand all of the items and furniture which you should provide in your holiday home rental check out the Holiday Home Equipment and Facilities Checklist. 

Durability Is Key When Choosing Furniture 

Keep in mind that your holiday rental will accommodate hundreds of guests over the years. Items that are easy to clean and maintain should be principal choices. For example suede furniture tends to show up dirt easily, as well as being a challenge to clean. Lace tablecloths and other such delicate items can also need a lot of work to maintain. While light coloured furniture, like sofas, can give a great look to the rental, the cleaning requirements can be rather challenging. 

Make The Living Room A Comfortable Space

Give good quality priority. If you want your guests to feel that they are enjoying a top end holiday experience, the furniture needs to be of good quality. Remember, that you will need to replace the furniture in your holiday rental more frequently than in your primary home, so don't splash out on irreplaceable items! 

The Environment Needs To Feel Comfortable

Holidays are all about relaxing. You should create a sitting room that will accommodate your guests feeling at home and being able to enjoy a few drinks together, watch a movie, relax with a book and so on. For example, wicker furniture and futons in your living space may look nice, but your guests will likely feel uncomfortable in what should be a relaxing space. The same rules applies for furniture for bedrooms and dining spaces. It's a good idea to sleep for a night in each of the beds you have kitted the renal out with, if you don't get a good night's sleep, chances are your guests won't either!

Safety Is Crucial 

When people are on holiday they are not familiar with their surroundings and also tend to be in a more relaxed state, this can lead to a higher risk of having an accident. This is especially the case if families with small children are regular guests. Swimming pool covers are one good recommendation. Sharp items or things that can easily be broken should be avoided. In addition, any items which have a personal value to you should be removed.

Embrace The Holiday Destination

The holiday experience which your guests will have will be impacted by the furniture you choose. Many travellers make a choice that will allow them to embrace the destination they are visiting. So a holiday rental that has an authentic feel is likely to go down well. Give thought to what makes you choose a holiday rental in the area. If your holiday rental is in the city, then a modern feel will likely be more authentic as opposed to a traditional country kitchen look. Seaside curtains may certainly look great in a beach holiday rental, but in the rolling countryside of the Lake District, they may not have the desired effect. 

Your Furniture And Rental Prices Should Go Hand In Hand

It seems that far too many travellers complain that they pay a lot of money for something advertised as a luxury holiday home, only to find that the experience is anything but luxury. If you stayed at a five star hotel you would hardly expect to find nylon bed sheets and cheap furniture, if you did you wouldn't be happy! If you are advertising your property as luxurious condominiums then your guests are going to expect to see bedding, furnishings and entertainment systems that fit the bill. In the same way, if you are appealing to the middle market, then you don't need to splash out on oriental rugs for the children's rooms. Understanding your customers is key. 

Don't Skimp On Storage

Guests don't go on holiday to live out of their cases. They should have enough storage space in each room to store all of the belongings and clothes they bring with them. Don't forget to leave enough coat hangers too.