A Northern California Winery’s Breathtaking Vistas Are Enhanced by Natural Redwood

An organic winery is complimented by sustainable redwood – a perfect pairing in Northern California wine country.

In Hopland, California, just north of well-known wine country neighbors Napa and Sonoma, sits idyllic Jeriko Estate Resort and Winery. In addition to being a winery and working organic farm, Jeriko is also an overnight resort. Boasting breathtaking vistas on 75 acres, the resort offers well-appointed casitas, villas, and suites, all in a rustic Tuscan style.

In order to tastefully accent the beauty of the natural surroundings, two pergolas from Humboldt Redwood were installed on the winery grounds. For Jeriko owner Danny Fetzer, the choice to integrate Humboldt Redwood was an easy one. Aesthetically, the redwood structures would seamlessly fit in with the existing design of the winery. "We decided on redwood pergolas largely because of the aesthetics," says Fetzer. "The look of the exposed wood mirrors the interior design of the tasting room." The pergolas were erected outside of the main tasting room, as well as in front of one of the private casitas. Nestled among trees, greenery, and vines, the warmth of the natural wood enhances the inherent beauty and ambiance of the property.

The larger pergola is outside of the winery’s main tasting room, and provides a cool outdoor space for patrons.

The second pergola shades the entryway to one guest casita, extending the private outdoor living space.

Naturally beautiful, Jeriko’s scenic 75 acres are comfortably viewed from outdoor spaces shaded by redwood pergolas.

In addition to the pergolas, a redwood arbor sits at the front of the property for use by wedding parties, and can be moved to different locations as desired.

Beyond aesthetics, natural redwood had many other appeals to Fetzer and the Jeriko team. Sustainability and responsible consumption are benchmarks of the Jeriko philosophy, as the working farm is not only certified organic, but also certified biodynamic. Humboldt Redwood is Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) certified, and sourced from nearby redwood forests. Through FSC guidelines and modern logging practices, more redwood trees are grown each year than are harvested. The responsible production of Humboldt Redwood, Fetzer felt, would directly complement the values of the winery and farm.

"When large events are hosted at Jeriko Estate Resort and Winery," says Fetzer, "the pergolas create a perfect, cool atmosphere…"

When welcoming visitors to such a beautiful venue, the durability and functionality of Humboldt Redwood’s pergolas were also highly desirable qualities. Fetzer wanted a wood species that would last for years to come, with little maintenance required. Says Fetzer, "Redwood can withstand the elements of time and weather." Less time spent on maintenance meant more time focusing on farm and winery operations, and more importantly, their guests’ enjoyment and overall experience. In a region that can often see soaring temperatures, the redwood pergolas provide much needed shade, while the wood itself stays cool to the touch. "When large events are hosted at Jeriko Estate Resort and Winery, the pergolas create a perfect, cool atmosphere so guests can relax and enjoy the special day." With the strategic addition of the redwood structures, guests are able to enjoy extended social time outdoors, while staying cool and comfortable at the same time.


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