A New View on Rio

By Jaime Gillin / Published by Dwell
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This tilt-shift video reveals revelers at Rio's Carnaval in a whole new light.

Recently discovered on Vimeo: The City of Samba, an eye-popping video produced during Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval in 2011. Using Nikon D3s camera bodies, a modified enlarger, and large format lenses on bellows, collaborators Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli captured the sprawling city as it never appears to the naked eye—as a tiny city and beach populated by tiny people, all at a dollhouse scale, moving like tiny wind-up toys. It's the magic of the tilt-shift effect, which simulates a miniature scene using an extremely shallow depth of field. Check out the video, and please share your favorite examples of tilt-shift videos or photography with us in the comments section.

Jaime Gillin


When not writing, editing, or combing design magazines and blogs for inspiration, Jaime Gillin is experimenting with new recipes, traveling as much as possible, and tackling minor home-improvement projects that inevitably turn out to be more complex than anticipated.

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