Own This Iconic Glass Home in Salt Lake City For $950K

Own This Iconic Glass Home in Salt Lake City For $950K

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Designed by a former disciple of Mies van der Rohe, this home boasts chic style and fascinating history.

Built in 1965 by Salt Lake City architect John Sugden—a student of Mies van der Rohe—the Emigration Canyon abode was originally designed to serve as a studio for Sugden's own practice, as well as a residence for his then business partner, Charlie Griffin. Constructed on two levels with two separate entrances, the building was not connected internally until 1998 when it was transformed into a single-family residence. 

After having been carefully preserved, the 1,800-square-foot home is now being listed for $950,000. Scroll ahead for a glimpse inside historic piece of Salt Lake City architecture.

Like all of Sugden’s work, the building frame is entirely made of A36 steel that is joined exclusively with moment-resisting welded connections, and rests on an exposed, reinforced concrete foundation. 

The exterior walls above grade have been completely glazed with the original bronze tinted glass, and are secured directly to the structure by neoprene zipper gaskets. 

The dining area and kitchen.

The open kitchen is small, yet highly efficient.

Set in a forested area, the home feels completely integrated into the surrounding nature. 

An overview of the open-plan layout. 

The living room. 

The "bedroom" is directly off the kitchen. 

The fireplace is open on three sides. 

A spiral staircase leads to the lower-level living room. 

Ample storage—imperative for glass house living—is set behind sleek wood cabinets.  

This home is iconic of Sugden’s work in Utah, and is a direct expression of both the Modernist movement and the Bauhaus school. 

 3780 E. Sunnydale in Emigration Canyon is now being offered at $950,000 by Mony Ty of Coldwell Banker. See the full listing here

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