A Mobile Boutique Hotel For the Modern Traveler Made From Shipping Containers

A Mobile Boutique Hotel For the Modern Traveler Made From Shipping Containers

By Anna Squier
Logically named the ContainHotel after its structural components, this small, mobile, and environmentally-conscious hotel offers an alternative escape for modern travelers looking to push the boundaries of traditional accommodations.

Designed by Prague-based architects Artikul Architects, the shipping container hotel is intended to be easily constructed in various locations. Currently situated along a surf campsite in the Czech Republic, the hotel was designed to be self-sufficient and eco-friendly, while providing comfortable lodging accommodations that are connected to nature.

Formed from three shipping containers, the structure includes a horizontal 40-foot-tall container that hovers on top of two perpendicularly placed, 20-foot-tall containers, which rest on railroad sleepers—allowing for a minimal impact on the natural landscape. Overall, it includes five rooms that can fit a total of 13 guests, plus shared outdoor terraces for guests to enjoy. 

Small in footprint, the minimal interiors are open, airy, and filled with light. All rooms have one fully-glazed wall to create a feeling of openness, transparency, and a connection to the outdoors. Walls and ceilings are wrapped in birch plywood—which match the custom furniture—and are accented with industrial materials and lighting. The graphics, color, and decor express a maritime-inspired theme, which is evident in the container's dark blue color, the round windows, and the railing that's constructed from ropes and nets.

Self-sufficiency is achieved through autonomous functionality. The hotel is connected to a local electric power source, while a built-in water reservoir supplies water to the showers and sinks. To provide shade and thermal comfort in the warmer months, a custom wood screen made from local wood planks provides an awning above the glazing, which creates a textured facade around the upper container and anchors the hotel to the surf camp. 

The lower containers hold a technical room, wash facilities, storage room, and one four-bedroom retreat.

The upper container holds four additional sleeping quarters and provides a terrace for enjoying surrounding views. 


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