A Swedish Family's Dreamy Villa Fans Out For Lakeside Views

About three hours northwest of Stockholm, Villa Sunnanö is a Scandinavian escape that frames a waterfront tableau.

Sunnanö sits where Lake Runn meets one of Sweden's largest rivers—a secluded, yet accessible location perfect for an active, nature-loving family that requested a discreet villa with a strong Scandinavian vibe. Murman Arkitekter’s directive was to design a family home on a north-facing, triangular promontory: surrounded by water and connected to the mainland by a footbridge, it had been overgrown with pine and blueberry bushes and obstructed by large boulders. Initial sketches were made in 2010, then put on hold until 2013. The project was finally completed in 2015. 

Lead architect Hans Murman wanted to take advantage of the site's lakeside location and envisioned a dwelling that makes maximum contact with the surrounding environment—but still preserves the family’s privacy. 

Wood was a natural choice for the building material; the wood facade and "faltak" roof is treated with iron sulfate and resonates with the materiality of the surrounding pine trees and boulders.  

A spine-like upper floor forms a central axis that runs through the house and continues to the footbridge. Each room is set in its own wing-like structure ending with individual patio spaces. 

The entrance to the south welcomes the visitor as the building's wings stretch out. The kitchen, which sits to the left of the entrance, is bathed in the morning sunlight.  

The dining room is set at an angle to the main axis of the building and enjoys a picturesque view of the lake framed by pine trees. 

The oak and Carrara marble dining room table is Murman’s own design, and has been paired with lighting from Moooi. 

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Inside the entrance, there is generous room with views in several directions.

The living room with a fireplace faces the evening sun. 

The media room, sauna, guest room, and gym are located toward the east.

A solid oak floor, contrasted by white walls and ceilings, creates a warm and inviting Nordic atmosphere. 

All bedrooms are discreetly located upstairs. There are ample views from inside the house, while recessed windows again respect the family's privacy.

Because there is a risk of the Dalälven river flooding during the spring, regulations dictated that the house must be one meter above the normal water level. This meant that the house had to be raised above ground, which was challenging to achieve without spoiling the surrounding nature. The architects made special effort to not disturb existing boulders and trees throughout the construction.

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Hans Murman, Murman Arkitekter AB 

Builder/General Contractor: Peter Erelof, FKTS

Structural Engineer: Olle Norrman, Konkrete AB

Civil Engineer: Olle Norrman, Konkrete AB

Landscape Design: Hans Murman, Murman Arkitekter AB

Lighting Design: Hans Murman, Murman Arkitekter AB

Interior Design: Hans Murman, Murman Arkitekter AB

Cabinetry Design,  Lappvattnetts snickeri AB

Flooring: Dinesen


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